While getting into crypto currencies in the spring in 2017, we noticed that a big chunk of the daily Volume is driven by South Korean and Chinese exchanges. This was intriguing, because these markets seem to follow their own trends that sometimes align with Western exchanges, sometimes don’t.

In order to better understand how these markets move, we started monitoring them daily. Since Coinmarketcap and other sources only allow to see the individual exchanges, we aggregated them into a single view per country.

Crypto Canvas displays the 24h volume per coin for South Korea and China. It shows the 24h volume per country and coin, the 24h volume 1 day ago , and the % change between the two.

It also shows the % share of the total volume on that day for that country and the % change compared to 1 day ago.

We do out best to make this data as accurate as possible, but this is still a beta version, treat it with caution.

The data is updated every hour.

Total trading volume last 24h in China
$ 1,363,169,086
-12.64 %
Total trading volume last 24h in South Korea
$ 273,279,701
-22.94 %
Total trading volume last 24h in All Other
$ 13,187,218,103
-1.28 %
24h trading volume for monitored regions